Advantage Insight Group focuses in the Canadian Oil Industry has been involved in

Price - provide ongoing technical support for the industry's Crude Equalization Committee. This includes calculation of monthly condensate equalization values and semi annual calculation of the conventional crude equalization values.

Reviewed Crude Equalization system and provide recommendations on possible improvements.

Equalization - developed a revised diluent equalization structure that was technically consistent and that would provide a stable equalization basis as heavy oil and diluent prices vary.

Bitumen - advised on the creation of a royalty structure for bitumen being sold through non arms-length transactions.

Upgrading Technology Evaluations - provided technical support to a Major Heavy Oil Producer including evaluation of new heavy oil upgrading technologies.

Provided economic and technical due diligence on potential upgrading and separation projects.

Economic Studies - evaluated several heavy oil technologies for technical suitability and economic feasibility.

Upgrading Technology - reviewed the application of a heavy oil upgrading technology to a client's requirements. Activities included a review of the process suitability, capital and operating cost, marketability of product and construction contracting strategy.

Petrochemicals - provided information on chemical properties of certain petrochemical basestocks that could be used for manufacturing opportunities in Alberta.

Pipelines - reviewed the operating logistics of certain US crude and product pipelines.

Pipelines - provided technical support for a contract dispute between a pipeline and a shipper.