CTI Refining experience

In the Refining Sector - advising a Russian client in the disassembly of the Turbo Balzac refinery and the relocation of that facility to Russia. Responsibilities have included construction contract support, serving as prime contractor for a portion of the plant disassembly in Canada, technical support for plant redesign activities, development of operating economics and operational strategies.

Assisting a Canadian company in the purchase and installation of a simple refinery in Kyrgyzstan and in the negotiation of refinery off-take agreements.

In the Regulatory Oil Sector - Provided assistance to Latin American government in the development of a regulatory framework for the downstream petroleum industry including the design of a structure for retail pricing of refined products and development of compliance monitoring systems.

Latin America Product Specifications - For a International public sector agency, advised on establishment of minimum refined product specifications that could have application across all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Central America - For a second International public sector agency, developed a blueprint for harmonization of petroleum standards across Central America as a mechanism to encourage regional 0growth.

Training Services - Development of customized refinery training programs in both technical and business areas.

Environmental- Developed a refining fugitive emissions inventory and options for reducing emissions.